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Loob Lube Silicone Silk 2.7oz

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Designed with love by a group of individuals whose mission is to help the world feel that love owns our body Loob Lube is a premium silicone based lubricant formulated to enhance intimacy and all the pleasures associated with it. Once applied (anywhere) you will experience the silky smoothness of Loob Lube, and remember just a little will go a long way. Loob Lube Silk can be used in water, so get wet and have fun! And for those of us that what to know what we are putting on the bodies that we love, Loob Lube is free of preservatives using the only the highest quality silicones. All of our products are FDA approved, preservative free and made to the perfect texture, not too thin or too thick leaving you with no stick or tacky residue.